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Energy Supply Management

Each organization’s utilization of energy differs. Managing the how’s, when and the hourly, daily, monthly quantities is the critical components to expense reduction optimization.

As pricing varies, utilization can be both a constant and variation of historical. The strategic management of the supply and procurement of energy is the challenge and within lies the potential.

Market analytics in parallel to utilization expectations create the foundation of an efficient, economic energy procurement platform.  Layering a risk management strategy provides the comprehensive tools for the Energy Supply Management of your organization.

Expense Management Procurement

Utility Cost Management through Strategic Procurement

HRN will design a procurement strategy that meets the needs of each client. All clients have specific financial and operational requirements.

Strategic Utility Acquisition can reduce and eliminate significant operating expenses

  • HRN manages your Energy Portfolio as an Asset
    • Utilizing Market Intelligence and Analytics HRNEnergy manages your energy portfolio.
    • From these resource HRNEnergy adjusts energy portfolio positons
    • THE HRNEnergy strategy will maximize your organization financial asset.
    • HRNEnergy’s market and commodity analysis can positon your organization to act according to time sensitive market conditions. HRNEnergy’s market analysis has prepared our clients decision process guiding them to determine where prices are headed, the drivers and the positions to transact.

Risk Management

HRNEnergy can guide the development of policies and strategies and engage with the market environment in ways that are consistent with your fiscal requirements and organizational risk tolerance. This prepares your organization to align your decisions to fit with market changes and new developments.

Implementing an energy risk management strategy can protect your company from financial and operational impacts of exposure to the energy markets. HRNEnergy applies forward-looking market analysis to your company’s unique risk appetite.  HRNEnergy effectively mitigates risk through customized recommendations based on actionable data and client risk tolerance models.

Concurrent Billing Analysis and Audit

HRN Energy works concurrently to identify billing errors that may occur due to metering problems, calculation mistakes or the improper application of rates, contract prices and taxes. HRN Energy analyzes all historical and ongoing utility invoices to determine accuracy and adjusts or recovers any discrepancies that have occurred.

HRNEnergy provides energy bill auditing services to ensure your energy contracts are being accurately and properly billed. If bills are inaccurate we work with utilities and suppliers to ensure you are made whole.

Demand Response

An ISO by ISO (Independent Service Operators/Grid) program where end-use customers reduce their use of electricity in response to power grid needs, economic signals from a competitive wholesale market, or special retail rates.

HRNEnergy facilitates for its clients to participate in a DR program. HRNEnergy clients generate a additional revenue stream  that enhance the bottom line or fund other energy efficiency projects.

Co-Generators Economic Output Optimization

HRNEnergy has developed tools to assist in maximizing the economic benefit of Co-Generators.  Utilizing financial tools and economic forecasting HRNEnergy can improve the economic benefit of Co-Generators significantly through Real Time Load Management, improving Return on Investment and creating additional revenue stream.

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