Utility Asset Management

HRNEnergy has guided Commercial and Industrial clients manage their energy costs through innovative energy procurement strategies. HRN is an independent consulting firm that aligns with Commercial and Industrial clients – not energy suppliers – to evaluate energy consumption and negotiate reduced-rate contracts with energy suppliers.

HRN began working with hospitals in 1997, soon after the FERC order to deregulate energy purchasing, when it aggregated energy purchases among 10 hospitals in a pilot program.

At that time, HRNEnergy, initiated the first hospital electric energy in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, purchasing electric commodity and delivery service leading to up to a 42% reduction in costs and millions of dollars in savings.  Subsequently HRNEnergy has developed its “Utility Asset Management” program. This program is designed to forecast and implement purchasing strategy for Commercial and Industrial clients to allow its clients to purchase electricity and natural gas pragmatically and effectively, saving significant cost in the commodity and the rates for delivery of commodity.

HRNEnergy has worked directly with its clients to coordinate and improve their acquisition and delivery strategy. In working directly with power utilities and commodity traders, brokers and distributors, HRNEnergy, has identified, negotiated and implemented programs allowing for our clients to operate more proactively and cost effectively.

HRN provides clients with unparalleled experience in the electric and natural gas market as well as energy efficiency and distributed power development. Advisory Services Include:

  • Energy Asset Management
  • Energy Risk Management
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Reduced energy pricing
  • Effective contract negotiations to earn best terms and conditions
  • Market knowledge and insight into energy suppliers and rate-class options
  • Efficient RFI and contracting processes
  • Ongoing support
  • Distributed Power Production
  • Real Time Load Management
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